Whos Hot and Whos Not after the Break

We have returned back to the pitch after a 3 week break for the Holidays and were welcomed with a cold brisk night of soccer.

Division leaders SMashing Pumpkins had a big win and are currently division leaders but only by 1 point ahead of Avengers. With the rest of the teams only a few points behind, the Bundesliga division look to be a tight one as we approach playoffs.

With a big win over Real So Mal, Fusion have taken a commanding lead in the La Liga Division. The rest of the division however is seperated by only 3 points.

The Premiership Division is as close as can get. With a tough 2-1 win over Pro Fun Havers, Boomerangs are on top of the division in front of United by just 1 point. The rest of the teams are just 3 points behind, as this title is certainly up for grabs.

The Serie A division is led by Stallions, the only undefeated team remaining in the League. Some top notch play from Green Goes, Elite, and AFG will make this a very difficult task to keep as the season progresses.

Scoring Leader Mark Gutierez is on top with 7 goals and looking to defend his title as league scoring champ !!!

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