Fall Season Thoughts

What are your thoughts on this Fall Season? Who’s expecting to do what? Projected Champions?

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2 thoughts on “Fall Season Thoughts

  1. Charis Wedel Reply

    I’m both excited and nervous for Fall Season. The Lemonheads lost Corey and he was our top scorer, so we’re waiting to see how we hold up without him. We do have two solid new players that I think will help us stay at a competitive level. Only time will tell! Motley Crew won last season and I think they have a pretty good chance of winning again if they maintain the team they had. I’m nervous to play them, but hope to give them a run for their money like we did last season.

  2. Charis Wedel Reply

    The Lemonheads lost Corey for this season, so we’re a little worried about not having our top scorer. We do have two great new players that I think will be great additions. Hopefully we can remain one of the top competitors, even without Corey. I think that if Motley Crew maintains their same team that they will win another Championship. I do hope to give them a run for their money again, though!

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