DirectKix is the Premier Soccer League for Corporations in Los Angeles. Currently playing in both City, Valley, and Westside locations, and run year round. These leagues improve employee morale, and create an awesome work / play atmosphere throughout the week.

Corporate League Details

• Short Sided Games (8-10 players per team) • Referees • 8 – 10 Week Seasons • Music and Amazing Social Energy at all Games! • Winner Team Trophies • Full Uniforms Included



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Liga de las Estrellas

Liga de las Estrellas – Entertainment Soccer League
Rules and Regulations
Rule 1 – Playing Field and Match Duration
7v7 Soccer is played on a 30 x 50 yard field with 4×8 feet goals.
25 minute halves
Rule 2 – Players and Substitutions
All players must appear on the team roster in order to participate in sanctioned games. Substitutions can be made “on the fly” from your teams goal line. Teams are required to have at least 2 women on the field at all times.
Rule 3 – Player’s Equipment
All teams must have matching attire. Shirt, shorts, socks, shoes and shin guards are mandatory. (Cleats, Turfs, Flats all accepted)
Rule 4 Offsides
There are no offsides in 6v6 Soccer Format
Rule 5 – Fouls and misconduct
No slide tackling of any kind will be allowed. A player may never make contact with the ball when on the ground, even if there is no one around the play. Fighting will not be permitted. Players involved are subject to dismissal from the league. Yellow cards are issued as a warning. A second Yellow Card will serve as a Red Card. 3 consecutive games with a Yellow Card will result in a one game suspension. Red cards are to be reviewed by the league committee and are subject to multiple game suspensions.
Rule 6 – Free Kicks, Penalties, Goal Kicks
Opposing players shall be 5 yards from the ball until the kick is taken. All kicks are indirect. All dead balls are returned to play by kick in. Penalties are to be awarded when an infraction occurs inside the designated penalty area. Penalties will be taken from the designated mark 3/4 the distance of the field into an unprotected goal. Goal Kicks are to be taken from the defensive goal end line.
Playoffs and Tie Breakers –
All Playoff games ending in a tie will go straight to a penalty shootout
2. Goal differential
3. Head to Head
4. Goals Against
5. League Director Discretion