Week 2 Winter Season Up and Running

After 2 weeks of the Winter season behind us and teams are finalizing rosters we take a look at which teams are off to a fast start, which are still putting it together, and how defending champs look to defend their title.

Fast Start: Boomerangs, Cloud 7/8, Fusion, and Stallions are the only teams to have won their first two games.

Putting it Togehter: In the Coed Division Pro Fun Havers are off to a slow start but have had 2 very tough opponents and are always a contender for the title. Real So Mal and Inter Scuderia have yet to put one in the Win column but have shown progress in learning this style of play as they are both new to the league. We look for these three teams to make there stamp on the league as the season carries on.

Defending Champs: Defending Champions 119 Degrees, Blues and Elite have all met their challenges early on in the season. It will take a valiant effort throughout the season to win back to back championships for any of these teams.

Week 2 Games of the Week : Mens – Macabee vs. Real So Mal       Coed – Pro Fun Havers vs. Strikers FC

Macabee won a very tight hard fought game with a goal in the closing seconds of the game to beat Real So Mal 2-1. Goals scored by Shmulik Shoshana and Avi Gozlan for Macabee and Alex Anderson for Real So Mal. Summer season Champions Strikers FC took on and beat Pro Fun Havers 4-3 in this thriller of a match with some of the best coed teams DirectKix has to offer.

Week 3 projected Games of the week are:

Mens – Penmar vs. Stallions . Both teams are undefeated and on top of the division. This just may be a preview of the final

Coed – Motley Crew vs. Nomads. Both of these teams have put together a new roster and are looking to get there season on the right track.